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Warner Bros. Records is an official sponsor of Record Store Day. And an official friend of record stores all 365 days of the year.

Ben Lee - Big Love

ARTIST: Ben Lee 
TITLE: Big Love

WhatAustralian singer/songwriter Ben Lee celebrates his Warner Bros. Records debut release with an exclusive RSD 7” single comprised of a brand new track from his forthcoming album, LOVE IS THE GREAT REBELLION, to be released in the U.S. on June 2nd.  B-Side, “Follow That Feeling” is an exclusive non-album track.

Black Vinyl 7" Single, Limited to 3000 copies

Big Data - Dangerous

ARTIST: Big Data 
TITLE: Dangerous

What: This exclusive floppy disc inspired 7” vinyl features Big Data’s chart-topping hit “Dangerous (feat. Joywave),” alongside the HypeMachine favorite “Dangerous (Oliver Remix).” The paranoia-inflected electronic pop track was performed on Late Night Seth Meyers and has won Big Data the acclaim of Rolling Stone, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, etc., and will be featured on the band’s debut album 2.0, out March 24. 

Black Vinyl 7" Single, Limited to 2000 copies

Built To Spill - Untethered Moon

ARTIST: Built To Spill
TITLE: Untethered Moon

 What: Untethered Moon is the first Built To Spill album recorded with new band members Steve Gere (drums) and Jason Albertini (bass), who join guitarist/vocalist Doug MartschBTS’s creative process continues to ebb, flow and evolve in its own orbit, reemerging on record for the first time since 2009’s There Is No Enemy with ten new songs that fit at once into the band’s resonant catalog while infusing fresh energy into that signature sound. The transparent blue vinyl will be randomly distributed into the initial run of pressings. This is the first chance to hear Untethered Moon just for RSD as the CD and digital editions will be released on April 21st.

Transparent Blue, Limited to 500 copies

Echosmith - Acoustic Dreams

ARTIST: Echosmith 
TITLE: Acoustic Dreams EP

What: Acoustic Dreams EP is a Record Store Day exclusive comprised of four acoustic versions of songs from their wildly popular debut album Talking Dreams, including their hit song “Cool Kids”, plus one additional song exclusive to this collection, “Terminal.” 

White Colored Vinyl 12", Limited to 3000 copies

The Flaming Lips - Bad Days EP

The Flaming Lips - This Here Giraffe EP

The Flaming Lips - Brainville EP

ARTIST: The Flaming Lips
TITLE: Clouds Taste Metallic Era EP's: Series of Three Colored 10" Vinyl

What2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the critically worshipped Clouds Taste MetallicThe Flaming Lips 7th studio album originally released in 1995. THE LIPS love RSD and to celebrate, they offer a series three Limited Edition 10” EP’s on different colored vinyl that contain tracks previously released on only CD overseas…until now. These rarities will now become available for the first time EVER in any format in the US. Later in the year the band will be releasing expanded anniversary editions of Clouds Taste Metallic with previously unreleased recordings from the sessions including demos, outtakes, radio sessions, live performances and more. Further details to be announced soon. Until then, feast on this:

Bad Days EP - on Solid White & Transparent Green & Transparent Yellow Mixed Vinyl - Side A: Bad Days (Edit) & She Don't Use Jelly (Primitive Demos).  Side B: Girl With Hair Like An Explosion (Non LP Track), Giraffe (Demo).

This Here Giraffe EP - on Clear & Solid Orange Mixed Vinyl - Side A: This Here Giraffe & Jets Part 2 - My Two Days As An Ambulance Driver (Live Peel Session Version). Side B: Life On Mars (Bowie) (Live Peel Session Version).

Brainville EP  - on Solid Yellow Vinyl - Side A: Brainville & Evil Will Prevail. Side B: Waterbug.

Limited to 5000 copies each

The Flaming Lips - Brainville EP T-Shirt

ARTIST: The Flaming Lips
TITLE: Brainville EP - Yellow Slim Fit T-Shirt


What: Record Store Day Exclusive Fashion Statement to celebrate THE LIPS 1995 EP. 100% cotton, printed on front and back. You will weep with joy.

Limited Edition

The Flaming Lips - These Clouds Are Real T-Shirt

ARTIST: The Flaming Lips
TITLE: These Clouds Are Real - Orange Slim Fit T-Shirt 

What: Records Store Day Exclusive Clouds Taste Metallic T-shirt. 100% cotton, printed on front and back. 20 years in the making! 

Limited Edition

Mastodon - Atlanta

ARTIST: Mastodon
TITLE: Atlanta

What: The mighty Mastodon lavishly present “Atlanta”, previously available online only via Adult Swim’s Single Series. Now available on full-sized, eye-popping picture disc featuring the stunning artwork by Mastodon’s Brent Hinds“Atlanta” features vocals from Gibby Haynes from Butthole Surfers.  Side-B is an instrumental version of “Atlanta.” exclusive to this release. As previously announced, Don’t miss Mastodon on tour this spring as part of THE MISSING LINK TOUR with ClutchGraveyard and Big Business. 

12" Vinyl Picture Disc, Limited to 3500 copies

The Prodigy - Ibiza

ARTIST: The Prodigy
TITLE: Ibiza

What: The Prodigy are back! This limited edition Record Store Day Exclusive package includes a non-album instrumental release of “Ibiza” and the single “Ibiza” feat. Sleaford Mods from The Prodigy’s forthcoming 6th studio album The Day Is My Enemy, to be released in the U.S. on March 30th, 2015 via Three Six Zero Music/Warner Bros. Records. 

Glow In The Dark 7" Vinyl Single, Limited to 2000 copies

Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians

ARTIST: Steve Reich
TITLE: Music for 18 Musicians

What: Nonesuch re-issues the Steve Reich masterpiece Music for 18 Musicians, performed by Steve Reich and Musicians, on two 180-gram vinyl LPs. The album was pressed at Pallas Manufacturing in Diepholz, Germany and is packaged in a vintage-style double pocket gatefold jacket with poly sleeves. The original 1998 recording was released on CD and has been mastered for vinyl by Robert C. Ludwig. Each limited-edition record will be individually numbered. 

Vinyl Double LP, Limited Edition

Robert Plant - More Roar

ARTIST: Robert Plant
TITLE: More Roar

What: Nonesuch/Warner Bros. Records releases three tracks recorded live during Robert Plant & the Sensational Space Shifters World Tour 2014: Side A is “Turn It Up” / “Arbaden” and side B is “Poor Howard” and “Whole Lotta Love (Medley).” 

Black Vinyl 10" EP, Limited to 10,000 copies

Tegan & Sara - Live At Zia Records

ARTIST: Tegan and Sara
TITLE: Live At Zia Records

What: On Tuesday September 10, 2013, Tegan and Sara recorded the music featured on this Record Store Day exclusive at ZIA Record Exchange in Phoenix, Arizona. This special LP includes tracks from their most recent release, Heartthrob (2013) and their hit album The Con (2007). Pick up a limited edition aqua blue vinyl and if you are lucky enough to live in Phoenix, Las Vegas or Tucson get a limited grimace purple vinyl at ZIA Records locations only.

45rpm Vinyl Album - Aqua Blue Limited to 4500 copies & Grimace Purple Limited to 500 copies as a Zia Records Exclusive 

Tegan & Sara - Vendiagram Tote Bag

ARTIST: Tegan and Sara
TITLE: Vendiagram Tote Bag

What: Let’s face it, you’re gonna need something to carry around all the vinyl you’re getting on RSD. Thankfully,  Tegan And Sara and have thought about that already so you don’t have to. Made from 6 ounce, 100% cotton canvas,  15" x 16" to hold all your exclusives. Thank You, Tegan And Sara!

Limited Edition RSD Exclusive 

The Used - Shallow Believer

ARTIST: The Used
TITLE: Shallow Believer

What: Shallow Believer is a compilation of B-sides from the band’s first three studio albums, recorded between 2001-2007. Released digitally in 2008, the album peaked at #13 on the iTunes albums chart. This is the album’s first ever physical release.

Royal Blue Colored Vinyl Album, Limited to 3000 copies

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33 1/3  Beats Slim Fit Black T-Shirt

33 1/3  Beats Slim Fit Black T-Shirt

33 1/3 Beats Juniors Black T-Shirt
33 1/3 Beats Juniors Black T-Shirt

All Seeing Record Slim Fit Black T-Shirt
All Seeing Record Slim Fit Black T-Shirt

Music Festival Vinyl Slim Fit White T-Shirt

Music Festival Vinyl Slim Fit White T-Shirt

Hardcore RSD Slim Fit Black T-Shirt
Hardcore RSD Slim Fit Black T-Shirt

Love RSD Slim Fit Gray T-Shirt
Love RSD Slim Fit Gray T-Shirt