RECORD STORE DAY at Mojo Books & Records

It's that time of year again: RECORD STORE DAY! 400+ exclusive RSD releases and 11 Bands!

Show Support For The Brick and Mortar Record Store!!


As we have every year since the inception of Record Store Day, Mojo will offer a vast array of very special, limited edition, indie-store-only releases. We've ordered in everything, and in greater quantities than ever in fact, we ordered 65% MORE than last year! And if you came to us first the last few years, you know we do some intense RSD stocking.

Curious about which official Record Store Day releases are planned? Check this out:



- Free drawing for people in line before the doors open (former RSD releases, T-shirts and more)

- Free official Record Store Day goodie bags with purchase (while supplies last)

- Free PBR beer during PM shows (while supplies last)

- Buy 1, Get 1 Free Budget Vinyl

- Buy 2, Get 1 Free CDs and DVDs

- Additional specials TBD

- A VEGAN BAKESALE out front with a variety of sincerely delicious goodies for a great cause it's a Mojo Record Store Day tradition.


Mojo has been lucky to host some very memorable Record Store Day in-stores and this year will be no exception! All performances are free and all-ages.

Opening to afternoon: DJ Suspiria and DJ Sam Esser will be spinning RSD releases and more.

Set times:

3:30 Kersey Williams

4:15 DieAlps!

5:00 Y Los Dos Pistoles

5:45 Empire Cinema

6:30 Ophelia

7:15 Heavy Metals

8:00 Jensen Serf Company

9:00 Sweet Divorce

9:45 David Vassalotti (of Merchandise)

10:30 Coldskin (members of Merchandise & Von Dagger)

11:15 Blood Wave (members of too many bands to mention)


To answer some questions ahead of time:

- No, we cannot take pre-orders or do advance holds to be fair, it's first come, first grab -- plus that would be against the RSD pledge we signed.

- There will be some releases that get postponed or canceled at the last minute, which is out of our hands and happens every year. But the majority of the releases will arrive on-time.

- Doors open at 8am. People will line up ahead of time. We've been told the line usually starts a few hours ahead of time, but it's totally up to individual discretion. Some of the most limited or most sought after releases will go very quickly, but we always still have a pretty decent selection through the AM hours and we'll even be surprised when some great picks last through Sunday. So if you have a schedule conflict, it's still worth stopping by later. But if you have your heart set on a particular release, we do recommend getting in the line before 8am.

- During the morning hours, we strictly enforce a one-copy-per-title-per-customer rule. We want you to get as many different releases as your heart desires we work really hard in the ordering to try to make this happen. Example: you can get Chvrches + Creedence + Cut Copy but not 3 of the same Cut Copy title. Make sense? This is basically the anti-ebay/pro-customer rule, which we've been doing for years and which RSD now asks all stores to employ. After noon when everyone's had their chance, if you want to pick up a 2nd copy of something for a friend, we loosen the rule up.

Between the vinyl and the performances, Record Store Day is always a great time at Mojo. Hope you'll join us!

Jensen Serf Company
8:00AM Mojo Books & Records
Tampa , Fl