One of the seminal British 'shoegaze' bands is back with a new album in record stores this week, and your chance to hear it at a record store for the first time in its entirety coming up on 6/15. Check the list of scheduled parties where you can hear WEATHER DIARIES first, and also the premiere of a band commentary video for the track "Home Is A Feeling" which is conveniently right here on recordstoreday.com

If a time is not listed, contact the store directly or stalk them on social media.

Amoeba – San Francisco, CA

Attic Records – Pittsburgh, PA
Bull City – Durham, NC
Cactus Music – Houston, TX (8:00 PM)
Dearborn Music – Dearborn, MI (6:00 PM)
Dimple Records – Sacramento, CA (6:00 PM)
Down In The Valley – Minneapolis, MN
Econo Jam – Oakland, CA (4:00 PM)
End of an Ear – Austin, TX (6:00 PM)
Everyday Music – Portland, OR (Noon & 5:00 PM)
Fingerprints – Long Beach, CA
Good Records – Dallas, TX (7:00 PM)
Grimey's – Nashville, TN
Guestroom Records – Louisville, KY
Indy CD & Vinyl – Indianapolis, IN
Jackpot Records – Portland, OR (5:00 PM)
Juke Records – Pittsburgh, PA
Landlocked Music – Bloomington, IN (6:00 PM)
Luna Music – Indianapolis, IN
MadCity Music – Madison, WI
Magnolia Records – Knoxville, TN
Main Street Music – Philadelphia, PA
M-Theory Records – San Diego, CA (5:00 PM)
Music Millennium – Portland, OR (7:00 PM)
Music Saves – Cleveland, OH
Park Ave – Orlando, FL (7:00 PM)
Reckless Records – Chicago, IL
Record Per Minute – Columbus, OH (5:00 PM)
Repo Records – Philadelphia, PA (4:00 PM)
Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY (4:00 PM)
Silver Platters – Seattle/Bellevue/Lynnwood (6:00 PM)
Sonic Boom – Seattle, WA (6:00 PM)
The Sound Garden – Baltimore, MD (8:00 PM)
Stinkweeds – Phoenix, AZ (7:00 PM)
Sweat – Miami, FL
Used Kids Records – Columbus, OH
Waterloo Records – Austin, TX
Zia Record Exchange – Tempe, AZ (6:00 PM)


Amoeba --Hollywood CA (6:00 PM)