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Last year we launched The Adapter Prize, because we thought that in the mass of awards being given out, there should be at least one that is bestowed by folks who spend their days around music, around the records being released every week. Those folks? We think the people most qualified to be saying what’s BEST are the people at record stores. And that includes you, the folks who shop there! We’re back for 2014, and this first round, the Nominations Round, is where you come in. 

We’re inviting you to visit one of the participating record stores below (in person, on their Facebook or other social media pages) and PUT IN YOUR NOMINATIONS!  You are the nominating committee here, and we want to hear what you think about the four Adapter Prize categories below. (More details on criteria are found HERE, and if you need a reminder about this year’s Record Store Day releases, you can find that HERE).  After the nominations are in (we’re accepting nominations through September 10) and then we’ll announce the Short List in each category. Then the folks behind the record store counter will vote on the winners in each category, and we’ll announce our 2014 Adapter Prize Winners! 


Nominations in this category are full length albums, newly recorded. 

Nominations in this category are full length albums, re-issued in some form during the appropriate time period.

Nominations in this category are released for Record Store Day in the appropriate year, in this case, Record Store Day 2014. 

Nominations in this category are artists (band or solo performer) who in the eligibility period released the record that ‘broke’ them nationally, which may or may not be their debut release. 


Al Bum's Records Shoppe, Acworth GA
BK Music, Richmond VA
Boo Boo Records, San Luis Obispo
Bull Moose, Bangor ME
Bull Moose, Brunswick ME
Bull Moose, Lewiston ME
Bull Moose, Mill Creek ME
Bull Moose, Portland ME
Bull Moose, Portsmouth NH
Bull Moose, Salem NH
Bull Moose, Sanford ME
Bull Moose, Scarborough ME
Bull Moose, Waterville ME
Bull Moose, Windham ME
Ceremony Records, Anaheim CA
Cheap Thrills, Princeton WV
Cheap Thrills, Beckley WV
Daddy Kool Records, St Petersburg FL
Darkside Records & Gallery, Poughkeepsie NY
Dimple Records, Sacramento CA
Dimple Records, Folsom CA
Dimple Records, Citrus Heights CA
Dimple Records, Sacramento CA
Dimple Records, Roseville CA
Dimple Records, Elk Grove CA
Dimple Records - Book & Vinyl Store, Sacramento CA
End Of An Ear, Austin TX
Guestroom Records, Oklahoma City OK
Guestroom Records, Norman OK
Guestroom Records, Lousiville KY
Horizon Records, Greenville SC
Joe's Albums, Worcester MA
Kiss The Sky, Batavia IL
Landlocked Music, Bloomington IN
Lost Weekend Records, Columbus OH
Mellow Matt's Music & More, Bowling Green KY
Mobile Records, Mobile AL
Mountain Music Vinyl, Rutland VT
Park Ave CDs, Orlando FL
Port of Sound Record Shoppe, Costa Mesa CA
Rabbitfoot Records, Titusville FL
Rabbitfoot Records Coffee Lounge, Sanford FL
Record Archive, Rochester NY
Sidetracks Music, Charlottesville VA
Silver Platters (Sodo), Seattle WA
Silver Platters, Bellevue WA
Silver Platters (Northgate), Seattle WA
Strictly Discs, Madison WI
Sugarcube Vinyl, Covington KY
The Atomic Pop Shop, Baton Rouge LA
The Record Exchange, Boise ID
Tonevendor, St Augustine FL
Twist & Shout, Denver CO
Vintage Vinyl, St Louis MO
Vintage Vinyl, Fords NJ
Vinyl Rescue Project, Greenwood IN
We Got The Beats, Fort Laurderdale FL
Wild Honey Records, Knoxville TN
Zia Records (Camelback), Phoenix AZ
Zia Records, Chander AZ
Zia Records (Eastern), Las Vegas NV
Zia Records (Northern Phoenix), Phoenix AZ
Zia Records (Oracle), Tucson AZ
Zia Records (Sahara), Las Vegas NV
Zia Records (Speedway), Tucson AZ
Zia Records, Tempe AZ