The Thermals

Desperate Ground Demos

Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Saddle Creek
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:

Happy Record Store Day 2013!  In commemoration, Saddle Creek and The Thermals proudly present a four song 7" EP of demos recorded in preparation for The Thermals' new LP Desperate Ground.  The title?  Desperate Ground Demos, naturally.  Recorded at home on a 4-track by The Thermals themselves, these no-to-lo-fi versions of "The Sword By My Side", "Born To Kill", "You Will Find Me" and "The Sunset" perfectly convey all the epic angst and homicidal glee these songs have to offer, without all the pesky trappings of a proper studio recording.  Saddle Creek and The Thermals thank you for supporting Record Store Day, and for not re-selling this single for less than $20.00 on ebay.   Limited edition of 1,000.

Side A: 1. The Sword By My Side (demo)  2. Born To Kill (demo)
Side B: 3.  You Will Find Me (demo)  4. The Sunset (demo)



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