Sophia Knapp/AOP (featuring Matthias from Dungen)

Time Square/Sweet May Split Single

Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Electric Ragtime
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release
More Info:

Brooklyn-based psych pop singer Sophia Knapp and silky-smooth Stockholm pop duo AOP have joined forces to take you on a magic carpet ride through a shimmering sonic landscape. Sweet May and Times Square feature sunny hooks, doom-filled lyrics and languid, expansive musical vignettes. AOP members Mattias Gustavsson (memb. Dungen, Life on Earth), Martin Fogelström (touring member of Phenomenal Handclap Band, First Aid Kit), and Knapp are long time friends, so the collaboration unfolded naturally.Times Square was recorded and co-produced in Brooklyn by Mark Ephraim, and Sweet May was recorded in Stockholm. Packaged in a 18x21" fold out poster. Released for 2013 Record Store Day.

Times Square: Sophia Knapp feat. AOP b/w Sweet May: AOP feat. Sophia Knapp



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