Joseph Arthur

The Ballad of Boogie Christ Act 2

Format: CD
Label: Lonely Astronaut
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:

The second part of the epic Ballad of Boogie Christ. Features 12 brand new songs. Previously released in Europe with the first Ballad of Boogie Christ.

1. "Blue Lights In The Rear View" 2."Maybe Yes, I Am The Witness" 3. "Travel As Equals (Acoustic)" 4. "Holding The Void" 5. "Missy Baba" 6. "Akron Skies" 7. "Junkies and Limousines" 8. "We Began To Dance Again" 9. "Whispers of Whipers" 10. "House of Your Love" 11. "In The City"



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