Thanks for including the Third Option on your artist page. Linking your wonderful product so that it may be easily purchased from an Indie Record Store is very straightforward and easy as 1-2-3. All you need is on this page. 

Once  you read through this page, and create your hyperlinked button, we ask that you send us an email and let us know you’re doing this ( and we also suggest that you TWEET and FACEBOOK the news out to fans. If you tag us (@recordstoreday and, we’ll send the word out too, and we’ll let the hundreds of local stores who are part of Record Store Day know what you and your artist is doing to support them, by giving your fans the equal opportunity to BUY LOCAL. 

**Not all stores listed on are participating in the Third Option. Because we want all customers to have a good experience, we have included only those stores who sell new product, in all genres, and in all formats. More stores will be added as they fit the criteria. 

**The digital and physical worlds don’t always match up. If you have a problem with your hyperlink, and the results you get, please let us know and most likely it’s a simple fix. We’re just an email away:

Below are the graphic buttons to choose from. The first button is the one we STRONGLY REQUEST you use, but we provide options as well.  Once you choose your button, here’s how to come up with your hyperlink:


1. You need the UPC of the product that wish you deep link to on

2. Using that UPC (without dashes) you can plug it into the URL as follows:

i.e.:  where XXXXXXXXXXX is the UPC so yours would look like this one:

 3. This is the individual, unique URL for your spectacular release. Place the hyperlink on the following button: 




Additional Versions:
Other versions are available for placement here: We have included a black version and a small version, along with high res and a compressed package of all versions together:



High Res Versions: (PSD)

Click here to download high rez