Forever Young Records

2955 S. Hwy 360, Grand Prairie, TX 75050 United States of America
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Forever Young Records
2955 S. Hwy 360
Grand Prairie, TX 75050, United States of America
Phone: 972 352 6299
1 block north of Mayfield Road on the service road of northbound highway 360. Highway 360 splits Arlington and Grand Prairie so coming from I-20 head north on 360, and coming from I-30 head south on 360. From both directions exit Mayfield Road and go one block north on the north bound(east) side of 360.

Forever Young Records is an 11,000 square foot record store that covers most genres of music(jazz, Rock 'n' Roll 50's to now, Country, Bluegrass, Texas, Rap, R&B(old school and new school), funk, disco, big bands, male vocals, female vocals, christmas, etc... etc...) in most formats especially Vinyl, CDs, and Cassettes!