Zion's Gate Records

1100 E. Pike St, seattle, WA 98122 United States of America
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Zion's Gate Records
1100 E. Pike St
seattle, WA 98122, United States of America
Phone: 206-568-5446
Email: zionsgate@hotmail.com

in Capitol Hill seattle. Two blocks east of broadway and pike.

Website: http://zionsgate.com

huge selection of rare rock/punk/metal. Tons of reggae/dub/dancehall. Soul/Jazz/Funk/Blues/Hip-Hop. Dubstep/Jungle/Drum and Bass/House/Techno/Electro. and all things in between. hundreds of T-SHIRTS. CD/DVD/CASSETTE as well. Vinyl in all it's formats. LP/12/10/7 + amazing amount of collectible out of print originals, etc.