Blackberry Smoke in-store performance & signing at Zia Speedway (Tucson)

Tucson, get ready: Zia Records is bringing Southern rock gents Blackberry Smoke to Zia Speedway (3370 E. Speedway) on Thursday, August 28th at 6 PM for a special performance and signing. Come meet the band and get your copy of their live CD & DVD "Leave a Scar: Live in North Carolina" signed by the band.

After the in-store the band is playing The Rialto Theatre/Tucson, Arizona. Get tickets here:

"Just look at these bastards. They look like they could make the inside of a tour bus smell like steak and motor oil just by looking at it, or walk into a Southern buffet and bankrupt it in one sitting. These are some long-haired, burly, and badass dudes who drip nothing but cool and authenticity. Lead singer Charlie Starr’s mutton chops are longer than the Florida panhandle. And when all those pop country guys get up there on stage and start trading Stratocaster licks doing their best to be cool, a band like Blackberry Smoke is who they are trying to emulate. But it will never be as real as a Blackberry Smoke show."

-- Saving Country Music