Only at indie record stores, a Jimi Hendrix exclusive 7” blasts out as a precursor to the new Hendrix LP BOTH SIDES OF THE SKY, coming 3/9. Both the A side, “Lover Man”, and B side, a live version of “Foxey Lady,” are previously unreleased.

The studio single “Lover Man” was recorded with drummer Buddy Miles and bassist Billy Cox, the legendary “Band of Gypsys”. The epic unreleased live version of “Foxey Lady” was recorded with Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell from The Experience.  Both come from the upcoming Both Sides of the Sky, which explores the two years between 1968 and 1970, as Hendrix transitioned from The Jimi Hendrix Experience to the group sometimes referred to as Band Of Gypsys. Hence the “Both Sides” of the album title.

There was a lot of tension as his Experience bandmates watched themselves being replaced, as Buddy Miles and Billy Cox worked to find a new groove for Jimi to lay his tracks over, and as Hendrix himself moved to a higher plane creatively.  But great work comes out of artistic tension, just as massive pressure eventually creates diamonds.  Hendrix’ death left hundreds of hours of unfinished and unreleased recordings in the Electric Lady Studio vaults. Producer Eddie Kramer has worked with the Hendrix estate to excavate for years and two examples of what they’ve uncovered can be found on this limited edition indie exclusive 7” single, with more to to come when Both Sides of the Sky comes to record stores on 3/9.