Record Time 2-12-08

Record Time 2-12-08 Check out new releases from British Sea Power, Heavy Circles, and Michael Jackson.

Do you like rock music? is the stunning third album from British Sea Power. It's hard to imagine how this indie rock band could top their previous efforts but they've surpassed themselves and delivered their best album to date! Unlike 99% of their guitar-toting contemporaries, British Sea Power draw inspiration from nature and the rich landscape of Great Britain and beyond. Their songs are themed predominantly of the countryside, the mountains and (surprise) the sea; though not in a corny and obviously eccentric way, in a highly believable and poetically English manner instead. And luckily for us Richmonders, the Satellite Ballroom in Charlottesville has just announced the (enormously powerful live) band will be stopping in on May 8th!

Heavy Circles is the brainchild of Edie Brickell and her stepson, Harper Simon (son of the great “Paul”). The pair have joined with friends Sean Lennon (yes, son of the great “John”), Yuka & Miho from Ciba Matto, and Martha Wainwright to create an edgy new sound. While stylishly different from Brickell’s previous band, the New Bohemians, for Harper Simon this group spotlights his blossoming songwriting talents and natural ability to produce.

The 25th anniversary edition of Michael Jackson’s, Thriller, celebrates this groundbreaking album with 8 bonus tracks, including exclusive remixes and appearances from Kanye West, Akon, Fergie, and (of the Black Eyed Peas). It also features a previously unreleased track from the Thriller sessions, "For All Time." The bonus accompanying DVD features upgraded editions of the videos from the 3 singles on the album, as well as a 1983 live performance of "Billie Jean."