Record Store Day 2013 > Gonn - Established 1966 EP


Established 1966 EP


Event: Record Store Day 2013
Release Date: 4/20/2013
Format: 7" Picture Disc
Label: Younger Than Yesterday
Quantity: 1000
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release


A1 Blackout of Gretely (4:33) (1966 original)
A2 Baby Please Be Good (2:23) (first time on vinyl, from the 2012 album "Fully Loaded")
B1 Pain in My Heart (3:02) (1966 original, the B-side to "Blackout Of Gretely")
B2 New Again (2:33) (first time on vinyl, from the 2012 album "Fully Loaded") -- The now legendary 1966 first record from the Iowa Hall Of Fame garage band, "Blackout Of Gretely" has spawned cover versions by numerous global 2nd generation garage bands including The Fuzztones who covered it on their debut LP in 1985. The original B-side, "Pain In My Heart", is now featured in a Hollywood movie, Brian Jun's 2012 dark drama "Joint Body" starring Mark Pellegrino ("Lost") and Alicia Witt ("88 Minutes"). The band is still active, now 47 years after its inception. The still-active group (with the second line-up from 1967) recorded an all-new album in March of 2012, entitled "GONN 45 - Fully Loaded", and 2 of those CD-only tracks, "Baby Please Be Good" and "New Again", make their vinyl debut on this limited numbered edition 7" 33-1/3 Record Store Day only release.

This solid fuzz-tone & teen angst driven 4-track picture disc EP thus bridges the band's ongoing history from 1966 thru 2013, and is limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

GONN was inducted into the Iowa Music Association Hall Of Fame in 2004, and as of 2012 there is now a paving brick in the new entrance to the Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland that bears the name of the band & title of their first record (now featured on the Record Store Day EP), and with a quote from the lyrics of that record.

FOR FANS OF: The Fuzztones, The Chocolate Watchband, The Shadows Of Knight, The Standells, Sundazed Music (label), Pebbles (compilations), Nuggets (compilations)