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Just Like Being There

Just Like Being There


Event: Record Store Day 2013
Release Date: 4/20/2013
Format: DVD
Label: Alliance/VPD
Release type: 'RSD First' Release


We have all seen them posted on walls, lamp posts, and in glass cases promoting a local venue where a band is playing.  Gig posters, they are meant to catch your eye so you will read about when and where you can see one of your favorite bands play.  How did this get started and who makes these things?  They have become very collectible and some sell for in the thousands of dollars!!  This film tells the story of how this community of artists has created a means of expression thru this medium now known as the Gig Poster.  Featuring Daniel Danger, Jay Ryan and over 50 other artists, as well as the bands Spoon, Tokyo Police Club, The Thermals, Archers of Loaf, maritime, Nada Surf and Okkervil River.